Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects

Below is a list of energy efficiency retrofit project types available in The Hospitality Program.



Whether its for safety, product enhancement, lower maintenance costs, or increase efficiency, a range of customized indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades are available.

Heating and Cooling Systems(HVAC)

  • Energy Management Systems for PTAC
  • Occupancy Sensors & Set Back Controls

HVAC system upgrades give you the opportunity to choose technology that will deliver the most appropriate and efficent climate control. For lodging, we recommend the intelligent control of existing in-room PTAC or Package Terminal Heat Pump systems using occupancy sensors and smart thermostats with dynamic setback capability to reduce run times.


  • Fan Motor Upgrades

Optimizing refrigeration has the potential to significantly reduce your ongoing operating costs related to cold storage. During the free energy audit we will assess your existing refrigeration systems to identify possible energy saving solutions.





Deploying efficient technologies and lighting systems in vending machines, is an effective way to manage energy costs.

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