Energy Engineering Opportunities



Ecology Action has the proven expertise and extensive experience required by our commercial and industrial customers. Our team includes Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, LEED AP’s, and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Our engineers have conducted over 300 ASHRAE audits and have extensive expertise in all major facility systems found in nonresidential buildings including lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, building automation, building envelope, motors, and drives.

Customized Assistance

Our team can provide commercial customers with comprehensive energy efficiency services that are tailored to their specific needs and help yield real energy savings. At our customer’s direction, Ecology Action will provide the following energy engineering and technical assistance:

  • Energy audits. We can tailor the right level of energy audit based on your goals and budget. This can range from targeted audits of specific systems or pieces of equipment in your facility, to more comprehensive ASHRAE Level I, II, or III audits. All audits will include as a deliverable a detailed report of energy efficiency measure recommendations including associated energy savings, cost savings, payback, incentive opportunities, and carbon reduction. Engineering staff will present these results to the customer to ensure the customer’s understanding of the recommendations.
  • Technical assistance to support the implementation process. Ecology Action project managers and engineers can provide full project implementation support, including development of technical specifications and detailed scope of work documents, developing request for proposals (RFP) or other bid documents, evaluating contractor bids and proposals, selecting a contractor, contractor coordination, and post installation inspections to ensure that the original technical specifications that we written into the contract have been met.
  • Post-installation measurement and verification. Ecology Action engineers can provide measurement and verification of completed projects to ensure that the anticipated energy savings have been realized. This not only helps our customers confirm actual energy savings, but also helps them feel more comfortable investing in the recommended solutions.
  • Procurement and project management of solar energy projects. Ecology Action engineers and project managers can help your organization achieve the ultimate in energy cost control through the completion of solar PV projects. Our NABCEP certified engineers can provide feasibility studies to help you plan for solar PV projects. Ecology Action's team of project managers and engineers can also manage the bidding and procurement of solar PV systems to ensure you get a solar PV system that is sized correctly for your facility’s projected energy usage, and one that will maximize the financial benefits available to your organization under the most advantageous utility rate schedule. Evaluating proposals for solar PV systems is a complex process, with system components, warranties, O&M contracts, and performance guarantees of widely varying quality and value. The EA team is ready to help you with this evaluation so that you get the best overall package for your money.

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